21 Social Media Tips for Authors That Actually Work

While some may prefer the hard copy to e-books, authors can no longer ignore the prevalence of social media use within the publishing industry and community at large. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter stand out as the giants among social mediums, used by a variety of folks across all age groups. Free to use and easy to set up, these platforms provide authors with an entirely new network left previously untapped. If tweets, posts and hashtags seem overwhelming and foreign to you, the 21 tips below should help to make social media more manageable as an overall asset to your brand.

1. Know the Platform

2. Be Patient

3. #ExploreHashtags

4. Consistency is Key

5. Engage

6. Think Before You Post

7. Make A Unique Profile

8. Follow Other Authors

9. Share Information

10. Be Clever

11. Inspire Curiosity

12. Keep It Simple

13. Make a Schedule

14. Quality Over Quantity

15. Use time-saving apps

16. Be Positive

17. Create a Campaign

18. Be Evergreen

19. Post Videos

20. Don’t Spam

21. Be Genuine

Image credit: Pixabay

An avid dog-lover, coffee-drinker and self-proclaimed “professional wanderer,” Jackie has a B.A. in Journalism from Northeastern University. She hopes to inspire others through her writing and, ultimately, make this world a better place through positive social change.

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